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Individual Therapy

I offer therapy for children, adolescents and adults. For children, I use a play-based approach when appropriate, and incorporate writing, art and role playing into the sessions. This makes it easier fo children to share their thoughts, worries and feelings.  


My work with adults focuses on relationships, parenting, divorce, grief/loss, “sandwich generation” issues, rediscovering oneself in adulthood, and the anxiety and depression that might come with various situations. 


My approach with all ages of clients includes Psychodynamic work, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and a Family Systems orientation. I use somatic techniques such as art, music and nature walks if that could help a client make a mind-body connection. 


My orientation is strengths based – helping all clients to uncover, develop and utilize their strengths.  


I am a big believer in Mindfulness and being present in the moment, and utilize these techniques in various ways. 

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MSW/LSW Supervision

I am trained to supervise MSW/LSW’s who require weekly supervision towards obtaining their LCSW licensure.  This can be done individually or in groups. 

School & Professional Training

I provide training for teachers and social workers on topics including mental health issues, ADHD, neurodiverse learners, and transitions. 

Parent Education

I am available to present education and training to parent groups on parenting, and mental health topics. I have presented for PTA’s, churches and synagogues, and schools. 

Educational Resource

If children are struggling in school, I work with parents to assess the situation, understand what supports might be available at school, and how to obtain evaluation and services. As a former school social worker, I understand the process that the schools use to determine if a child is struggling, and I am well versed with the Special Education process, Individual Education Plans and Section 504 Plans.   The goal is to help insure that the student’s strengths and challenges are identified, and supportive strategies are put in place to help optimize success at school. 

School Communication

For clients under 18, I am available to coordinate care and develop strategies with school staff, including teachers, social workers and special education teams, in order to support a child’s success at school. 

Family Therapy

When members of a family could benefit from therapy together, I work with them to express concerns, renegotiate roles, and discover new, more effective communication patterns. 

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